Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Busy times for me currently. Mid move, starting school and of course the usual training. Though, to say the least, the training has suffered the most. Which should be ok, trying to attain some sort of taper/form for this Saturday's big time trial. Soon back to nice long base mile rides... Classes are pretty sweet so far, and I must say I am quite glad to not be commuting every day. I hate driving. Well not really, but it feels like I could be doing something much more productive. Rode the crit the other night and it went ok. I was a little tired, but it felt good to get some efforts in and see some familiar faces. Early morning of moving and a super secret tt workout between classes left me with a little less in the tank than would have been ideal. But good training none the less. More packing this morning, then the afternoon back at work. Fun to be back, but at the same time my body feels a little odd to be standing all day and not riding or recovering. Spent the evening prepping the tt bike (borrowed a Zipp disc from the Cyclery) and making sure all was running clean and smooth. Hopefully test all out at the OBC 15km tt tomorrow evening. Nice dinner and some wine tonight while working and of course more packing of stuff to bring up to Perth early tomorrow morning. Really don't think I even knew how much stuff I had. Especially bike stuff, go figure. On a similar note, I should hopefully be trying to part myself with some of these piles of schwag... stay tuned for more info on that. For now, to bed. 'Cause I have a ridiculously early day again tomorrow packing with way to much stuff to do. Then Friday just a morning class, pick up Clarke and make the drive down south to Hamilton, home of our weekend accommodations. Ciao.

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Jamie said...

where are you staying in hamilton sandra? Me and Stevie were going to go out riding at like 4 or something, so if you get in in time we should plan a reunion:)