Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's a Pre-Race

Yes, Sandy is racing again. But seriously just for fun. Its cross. Plus I'm gonna head out for some more nice long miles after the race. Belgian styles. Had a good day at work today, finally got around to cleaning my road bike after some serious rain this week and Belgium. Creak free on the way home for the first time in quite a while. Created a rain jacket for where my seat post connects into my frame as well to try and stop the water from getting into my bb. Went for an hour spin on the cross bike after work, just spin the legs along the paths and do a few efforts and dismounts in Strathcona park to open up the legs for tomorrow. Up nice and early for some pre-race pannakoken, gotta be done eating by 7am to stay true to the not-eating-3-hours-before-the-race rule of Doc Dag. Meet up with the boys at 8am for a nice bike path cruise out to the race. Maybe a little espresso stop, register, and then join the mayhem of 130+ people all starting a cross race together. Should be a nuts start. Plus the lapping of people should be good for some confusion. I hope I can still remember how to go for that hole shot. Homework in the aft, maybe some dinner, then back out to ol' Perth for another week of furthering myself educationally. Hopefully more news this week on the money making scheme bit, the wheels are in motion. They are just kinda slow wheels. Wheels slowed by homework that has been procrastinated on much too long again. Metaphorically speaking anyways.

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