Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First cross'in & some cash money making

Headed home last Tuesday evening after class, nice mother-made meal. Got up nice and early Wednesday for a wicked first cross ride of the season. Got some tubs glued up the night before and put my single ringed cross crank back on. Met up with Vipond and Keir at 7:30 and spent 2 hours cruising paths, traversing parks and playing the ever cool cross version of follow the leader. Didn't even bring a watch with me, let alone a Power Tap or Polar. Felt wicked to just ride for fun. No particular goal for the ride training wise. Just out for a ride and some company. Even brought the cross bike up to Perth with me tonight to start exploring some more of the town and its parks and back roads. I have received word from an nameless individual whom I happen to work with, that I am to revert back to my old ways of describing my meals. And, as is asked, I will comply. Mommy made me some super wicked pesto spaghetti tonight, and upon arriving back in Perth I microwaved myself a spicy burrito. They were both delicious in their own way. I also am currently craving some tea and a bowl of cereal for some reason, but may skip those as it is already 10pm. On a separate note, built Keir up his new ride today at work, an wicked sweet Isaac Impulse piece of art. I'm not afraid to say it is without a doubt one of the sexist rides around. I may even post a picture of it I'm so proud. At very least he better. Follow the link on the side bar to his blog for that hopefully. Back to class tomorrow, and hopefully another cross ride between classes. I have the bug. No traveling this weekend too, other than in to Ottawa. Not gonna lie, a little excited. Work Saturday and the West of Quebec Wheeler's Tour des Ponts ride on Sunday. Should be about 200km for Keir and myself as we are also riding to and from the start location. Maybe I should make myself some food to ride with...

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