Sunday, September 9, 2007

highs and lows, and the end of a season

So, this random assortment of my thoughts and life has now spanned one full cycling season for me. Not much cross this season, more for simply training and fun. Nothing like last season. My legs need some time off. I had intended to end my season on a high note, didn't quite work out as planned. Apparently a lack of racing in humidity and smog all season with asthma means that when you suddenly throw yourself into these conditions, stuff goes wrong. And by stuff, I mean my lungs. I have never had such a terrible race experience in my life, nor wanted to quit so badly. I knew that I would hate myself more for quiting, so gritted it out and rode it in. Instead of the 1st I dreamed of, I dropped 10 places further. Very disappointing. Lost my gel 3 pedal strokes into the ride, and the coughing started about 15 minutes in a just got worse as the ride wore on. Felt like I was breathing through a straw, all made more difficult by being unable to get into any kind of rythym on what proved to be a very demanding, rolling course. Got caught by a few guys near the end, just to worsen my day. Nothing to be done. Put it behind me and headed out on the town for a night with the Echelon Project and others in downtown Hamilton. That is the rest of the weekend that was fun. Met some wicked people, had a wicked time and very little sleep. For the most part I will not print many more details as this page is viewed by minors. Made the long drive home with the help of several mugs of coffee, some tunes and the company of Tyler. Apparently it was only raining everywhere I drove until I hit Ottawa. Something is not right with that. Tomorrow, back to school. No riding. Time for a little break and to get some actual studies and such underway. Thats my news, next project - ready the cross bike for some sweet cross rides. That is quality fall training. Hopefully some nice parks and trails around Perth to be discovered. Ciao

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