Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saddle time and chicken

Set out this morning, well late morning for a wicked training day. Had to browse the latest in cycling news and finish off my French press! Not quite epic, but things were looking pretty Belgian this morning as I packed my pockets with a rain cape, sandwiches and some music. Set off to met up with an old Belgian hard man, also known as Neil from the Wheelers who lived down the road in Carleton Place. About an hour and a half down the road actually. Windy, threatening to rain and some quiet open roads really made me feel good about the day. Needless to say, the sun did end up coming out. But at least the wind hung around. Made my way to Carleton Place, saddled up with Neil and then followed him around some really nice rolling roads out and about around the Almonte area. Refilled my bottles again at his place, and then set back out to make it home in time for dinner. Five hours, 130km later and I was home. Clean, and eating an omelette. Good start to the 2008 season if you ask me. Taken a good portion of the last while completely off the bike. A few shorter rides, but mostly as a rest period. Best part was my dinner, well actually my leftovers from last nights dinner. Indian curry chicken stuffed with fresh cilantro with a mashed chick pea side. Hit the spot perfect tonight, and plus it was already made. Stole this baby of a recipe (super easy) from another hard man from the Cycling Center, Mr. Krughoff. Gonna sleep well tonight, perhaps the final installment of the Bourne series of movies tonight, which I have been re-watching for the last few nights. Pretty wicked bunch of movies. Back to class tomorrow, and hopefully some more riding. But I for sure have some homework to get going on at some point. Nothing like a little procrastination. Time to recover and put the legs up before the next installment of Hardening Up With Sandy.

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Steve said...

"Hardening up with Sandy"? Try Viagra softie boy I don't think its on the banned list.