Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The day is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, which means no class and plenty of riding for Sandy. Wicked. Made the trek into Ottawa due to the appointment with the doc and of course the morning cross ride with Keir. Wicked good sesh on the cross bike, paths out to Mooney's with some technique stuff and then paths down to Strathcona where we found Nick (who was supposed to meet us at 7:30 but now out cruising at 9) and the found St-John at Strathcona. Of course played some follow the leader with big man Derek (who won Magog last weekend, congrats) and then home for a bike swap/wheel grab. Grabbed the Kryriums for Nick, and the road bike to continue my ride. Went by the shop to peel the final tubular off the rear, stopped by Wag for a machiatto and some conversation with the coffee shop ladies and then off to the Park for a few loops. Wicked day out by now too, up to like 26 today - warm enough that I even took off my leg warmers! Rode a nice easy loop with El Presidente himself (David of Euro-Pro Sports) then headed off for another loop (who could argue with that on such a day!) and the mandatory stop by Les Saisons in Chelsea for a espresso on ice and a bottle re-fill. Finished my second loop, had to stop by the shop again for a new chain ring bolt which mysteriously disappeared from my ride and then home for a shower and some chillaxin time. Back to Perth now. All in all, 6 hours total ride time (100km road and 2 hours cross), and one happy camper. I love my bike.
ps-apparently I need to use the stupid inhaler every day. Then see the doc in a month if it still does nothing. I hate the stupid thing and that my body can't deal with this on its own. Damn drugs.

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