Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The sun returns... after my ride

Legs were pretty tired this morning, and the rain was threatening to make its return. Needless to say, I pushed my ride back a bit to allow for better recovery, and hopefully better weather. After some breakfast and a quick internet check, I decided to make some use of the morning and try out my first batch of granola/cereal. Came together quite well and is delicious. Interesting though, although I trusted in it all along, I had to deal with several house mates coming along and pointing out such helpful facts as, "you know you can buy cereal eh?". I ignored these statements and went along with my work, mixing a secret mix of oats, wheat germ, dried fruits, maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon together and finally baking it. As the smell came out and filled the kitchen, the tunes changed to, "what is that?" & "Can I have some?". It came out awesome, though I did learn that I should save the dried fruit and mix that in after baking the rest, some of the raisins got a little burned. So just added some fresh ones after. Not bad for a first attempt. I'll have a fuller sampling tomorrow morning. As for the ride, a nice chill 3.5 hours on the canals to Gent. Plus a little more exploring around Gent with a nice bakery stop. Legs were pretty dead for a while, but began feeling a little better towards the end, hopefully good sign for the race tomorrow. For most of the ride, I pedaled along in the overcast weather we are accustomed to here in Belgium, but just as I was arriving home (in a massive headwind) the wind finally managed to remove all the clouds from above us. It has now been sunny and hot since I got home. Oh well. Though my tan lines are suffering, its all about keeping the body in good shape. Saw a cool thing while riding today too, my first pro out training. One of the Astana boys was also cruising the canals and came by me in the opposite direction. And yes I'm sure it was actually one of the Pro-Tour dudes; the only other guys in pro team kits are middle aged Belgian guys and young, skinny fans. This dude had the full setup: team BMC with team FSA SRM cranks, and full team kit right down to leg warmers and tuque. Not to mention how fit he looked. You can generally tell a real rider by their legs and the fluidity with which they ride. Pretty cool nonetheless, plus we exchanged Euro head nods of "hello, I would talk more but I am busy training". After a nice late lunch I feel the need for a quick nap followed by some pesto creation... Gotta get on that soon before the basil goes bad! Ciao

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