Friday, July 27, 2007

Running out of titles

Hard to come up with titles sometimes. Sometimes, they just pop into my head (usually while riding). Nice day today, the sun and some warmth came out which was nice as I had 3 hours (ended up being 3.5) with some 30 seconds sprints every 15 minutes. Actually a lot harder than it sounds, go try it. 30 seconds every 15 minutes in your biggest gear. Pays off, I tell you what. Legs started off feeling pretty good actually, which was odd considering how I was pretty tired when I woke up this morning. Took a few sprints for the legs to feel decent with the efforts though, but they seemed to come around. Had my usual lunch salad (spinach, chick peas, tuna, parmasan, and balsamic dressing) and an egg sandwich before laying myself out for a nap. Definitely needed one today after this long week of training. Looking forward to a nice short pre-race day (perhaps finally attempt the rijc tarts?) and then race day on Sunday. Will be another early top-sporter bed time for me tonight I feel. In fact, I may just retire to my room after this entry for a movie and some Compex muscle stim time. I'm currently just that much of a party animal.
Picked up a book the other day to try to help learn Dutch. Getting somewhat fed up with having to ask "English? Francais?" when ever some one tries to talk to me. Some of the pronunciation stuff is a little weird though, may have to download some kind of learn Dutch kind of thing to listen to... Perhaps another project for tomorrow. May try to get my pre-race ride in early tomorrow to leave the rest of the afternoon open to baking and language learning. Plus should be a good time trial in the Tour tomorrow! I still rest with my pick of Cadel Evans taking the overall title, and with ol' Rassmussen gone he is now sitting in second, only 1:50 down on first. Plus third place Levi is still within striking distance too, should be a good show. Some good articles floating around right now on the state of cycling which have got me back pumped up to ride and race. Even more so as a clean rider. Got my schedule in for next week. Looks like I'm racing another UCI on Wednesday (UCI 1.12 Zillebeke) followed by another Kermis on Sunday. But overall, a much easier week training wise to help my body recover and hopefully come into the Antwerpen stage race with some good form. Well, I'm off for some recovery time. Enjoy the rest of your summer, I've just taken note that July is almost gone now too. Weird actually realizing that both my time here is coming into its final weeks and that I actually have something to be doing in September. School. Weird saying that again. It may be to the line (as in who has class first) to see whether my little brother Toddy has actually beaten me to post secondary education. August 3 for my schedule...

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