Thursday, July 12, 2007

One of those days...

Today was one of those days, one of those days I love the fact that I'm a cyclist. The weather was Belgian (overcast, cool, windy, and threatening to rain any second), and I had a long hard day ahead of me on the bike. After a quick grocery run in the morning (forgot a couple of things last time) I grabbed a quick snack, kitted up and packed my pockets with food and ipod. Legs had a bit of a dead feeling for the first while, but after a bit and a couple of intervals, they began to come around. As I worked through my intervals and put the miles behind me, my legs began to feel better and better. Soon I was flying along in my intervals, ticking more and more off. The time began to fly by. The rain never quite came, but I rode through a pretty dense mist/fog stuff for a while while the wind gave me a break. Pretty cool to be flying along these narrow roads through a nice dense fog. In the end, I finished my 30x1km intervals (10 x big gear, 10 x above threshold, 10 x high cadence) and finished with 4.25 hours and 130km. Sweet day in the saddle. Made myself some sandwiches and soup to warm my core back up and now sit here typing and watching another catty wompus day in the Tour.
"What the h$^%, has everyone been taking crazy pills???" - Scott W.
I will be trying something tonight I never thought I would eat, let alone in Belgium tonight. Not even quite sure how to cook it, consulting the internet now. Kangaroo. Thats right. For some reason, the Del Haize carries kangaroo steaks. Aaron and Scott found them last week, and I have decided that I must try it. Not a bad price either at just over 3 Euro for 2 steaks! I will have a full report on the qualities off this rare meat in tomorrow's blog. Pretty excited though, gonna make a sweet spinach salad to go with it. I just need to add that watching Vino chase back on to the group right now, is giving me even more respect for the man. Wow. Off the back while the pack is going full tilt in a crash, calls back his team to time trial him back to the pack, which meanwhile hits a climb and more attacks start, he uses all his teammates and then strikes out on his own. Never giving up. Suffering like a champ. Him and Cancellera have both received huge points in my book already this Tour. Well, 7km left in the stage, so I need to focus on one task. Here's a hint, it doesn't involve writing... Ciao

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