Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rest and recovery

So I feel awesome today. Really want to ride, had a sweet route to the coast planned out. But after reviewing my training for the coming week, I have decided that I am best to take my prescribed rest day. Hard week of training coming up, with 2 Kermis races. Sometimes its hard to actually rest when its needed. My form is coming, and all I want is to go out and make use of it. But it can't be wasted. Coach Bernard knows whats best. So today is dedicated to baking. Unfortunately, lacking in the basil required for my pesto, found a kickin' recipe for rijce tart (rice tart pastry) but am missing a few ingredients... And everything closes in Belgium on Sunday, including the grocery stores. So will have to pick up this stuff tomorrow on the shop run. So looks like its a biscotti day, going to make a huge batch cause I'm teaching Aaron the art of biscotti as well. Word up. Plus the afternoon holds an awesome mountain stage in the Tour des France. Working out to be a decent day for a rest day after all... I too am in the same boat as my little buddy Keir, we even seem to be heading down the same path. The more I wear these Northwave shoes, the more I realize they are lacking. My feet kill after yesterday's effort. Seriously. Plus I've been looking everywhere for arch support insoles (as per Dr. Pruitt's recommendation) and can't find them anywhere in Belgium so far. He suggested Specialized shoes (he may be partial as he is the man who designed them ;)) but, seriously, I actually tried some on the other day from one of the other guys on the team, and man are they comfy! I may need a pair for my next shoes. Hate to spend more money on shoes when my current ones are still not fully dead, but man, the comfort! I'll look into that later though. For now, I just want those insoles. Well, time to create some biscotti. Ciao

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Keir said...

until you get the shoes.. you can just buy the specialized insoles eh