Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Team off to get changed in our ballin' tracksuits and matching luggage...

Bikes set out, checked over and race ready by mechanic Nate.

Number 75, thats me.

Team list slash program for the day.

So I am tired today. Legs feel dead, well my whole body feels dead. But I'm somewhat happy with the race in the end. Lessons learned, and good feelings were had from the legs. Seriously crazy day though. Odd how much stuff goes here. Rolling closures with the roads (local laps are fully closed off), police escort, 35 car caravan, tons of moto commisares. And people are nuts. Apparently our pack was about 200 strong on the start. Massive road race. Funny to watch the team cars try to get through the pack up to breaks though. These Belgies are too busy fighting for spots to care about a car. The cars honk, no one moves an inch. Eventually the cars just wait until there is a free bike path or sidewalk and floor it up the road on that. Went out for groceries this morning and to the bike shop. Some of the bikes have some serious damage after yesterday. A ton of crashes and mechanicals. Mostly for Santi (yes, you have no idea how confusing this is both in the house and on the race radios) and 'Tex'. Santi crushed his original bike in an early crash, and then had 2 flats. Tex had 1 flat and 2 bike changes. First his chain exploded and ended up hitting a parked car. Then crushed the spare bike in a nasty crash 15km from the finish. Bad day for those boys... Bernard just spent lunch with Patrick Lefevre (DS of Quick Step), while I sat here pretending to type with my mouth open. I couldn't understand much, but I understood that Patrick was giving Bernard the low down on what he thought would happen at the Tour de France this year. Wish I understood more Dutch - could be useful for the Tour Pool. Looks like its going to be a relaxing aft here in Belgium for me, was planning on heading into Brugges, but Belgian weather has taken over (overcast and showers) and my legs are too dead to walk around. Need to recover and make sure I don't get sick coming up to stage race season. Works out though as I now have a bike fit appointment with the famous "Franz" at 6:30 this evening. Which means I won't get home until like 9:30-10. Yes, he is apparently that thorough. Looking forward to that. Gonna talk to Bernard this evening and try to get myself some Time pedals. Team sponsor, and my Speedplays are pissing me off lately. Plus apparently Franz hates them. Cleats are giving me tons of grief. Got myself a sweet coffee mug at the GB (grocery store) this morning too. Nice big, rotund mug. Plus says "Coffee" on the outside. Pretty glad I had tubulars yesterday. Rough roads here in Belgium, lot of flats going down. Plus those Continental Comp 22 tyres are amazing. And they better be for their price, ya I splurged. If not for Belgium, then when? Good luck to the boys of the Echelon Project as they head off for Martinique early on the 5th, give'r. Sandy out.

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