Saturday, July 14, 2007

Race time again

That time again... The time to suffer at the hands of some Euro motorcycles, I mean cyclists. Seriously though, some of these dudes ride like they are on a moto. There are a couple of Lithuanian teams around the last little bit, and they definitely are not that smart, but man can they team time trial! As for me, I have become much smarter and adept at hiding behind larger riders draft and clinging on for dear life ;). Tomorrow's race promises to yield some pretty good stories for the blog after, it should be an epically hard day in the saddle. 190km of European UCI Tour action. And from what I hear, the races in Northern France are even more catty wompus than some of these Belgian races here. They seem to go all out from the gun, on even worse roads than we have here. So positioning will again be key, I seem to be sensing a pattern about the importance of this positioning thing... Did another round on the Compex Muscle stim device last night while watching the Punisher. Tried out the "Endurance" workout, pretty cool! Slept well last night, and now my legs are a little tired from yesterdays effort. Nice easy day today, with a few leg openers to prepare for the efforts to come tomorrow. This will be a race where I must be very careful of the many little things in order to finish I feel. Every little advantage I can find (staying off my feet, nutrition, energy savings) will be needed tomorrow. My head will have to be fully in the game, and my morale just so happens to be pretty high after the money "haul" at the last Kermis. This is good. Steffan from Canada is back at the Cycling Center for the weekend as well now, he will be racing GP Dourges with me tomorrow. Nice to be racing with another Canadian sometimes... Things at the house are about the go crazy too with stage racing season arriving here, something like 4-5 stage races in the next 4-5 weeks. Busy times.
Looks like the Alps have finally arrived in the Tour today too, so we all know how I will be relaxing this aft... Works out perfectly tomorrow too with a rest day in the Tour, so I will not miss any climbs so far, and perhaps into Brugges on Monday to do some exploring/shopping and then watch an epic climbing stage from a local watering hole in the afternoon... There seem to be a couple of guys interested as most of the house has a rest day on Monday. There are 2 teams racing at 2 different races tomorrow. Good luck to all back home racing the OBC GP this weekend. And looks like the Echelon Project boys should have 3 of 4 finishing the Tour de la Martinique! Check out their blog for more crazy stories on that... Ciao

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