Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Race day dawns again

The Tour de France route through Belgium.

Me with the Predictor-Lotto car in the feed zone.

The pack comes rolling through led by CSC chasing the break, 'bout to
score me a Confidis musette!

Kermis day in Oostkamp. Got up, made some sweet panekokens (crepes) and a nice espresso. Did the little internet check; email, Canadian Nat's results, and other such fun activities. After that, grabbed Vince's cruiser bike and rode myself into Oostkamp to the grocery store. Loaded up on fresh supplies and a few other stables to keep me going for the week. Still kept in in budget and barely managed to stuff in all in my back pack. Nice. Even got some more supplies to make more pesto. Hit the rollers for half an hour after arriving home to work on my knee "issues". Pretty nice to just focus on riding smoothly and focus on form and breathing for a bit. Even got comfortable enough on the buggers that I am now able to drink without any problems while riding. Yesterday I fell off the rollers a few times attempting this, so I was quite proud of myself. Found some sweet little cakes and crackers to stuff my pockets with for longer rides at the Del Haize too, something to look forward to on long rides! Ate some pasta and broccoli for lunch and will make myself some eggs, rice and olive oil about 3 hours before our start to chow down on. Other than that, keep my legs up and rest and hydrate before the race. Supposed to be a nice technical course today with a decent cobbled section to deal with. We'll try out my new theories and put some lessons to use today to improve on the last Kermis result. Today is booked to be a nice easy 3 hours, so here's hoping for sun! I'm off for a quick nap before the Tour comes on TV...

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