Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Panakoken, eggs, & coffee

That is my pre-race lunch today. Panakoken is just Flemish/Dutch for crepes. But makes me sounds fancier and more foreign I think. Oh, and a nice piece of homemade whole wheat biscotti to dip in the cafe. I feel classy now. 3:30 start for todays race. Leave here by bike at 1, hour and a half ride to the course. Race, approximately 3 hours, clean up a bit, ride home for hour and a half. That should give us a 6 hour training day with some serious intensity. I have a feeling I'll be hitting the hay, so to speak, a little early tonight. It'll be interesting to see how the legs feel during the race after these past days of training. They do feel better than yesterday already so...
Note on granola: Awesome. Gives cereal that little extra flavour. Mixed it with my usual All Bran and some corn flakes this morning while relaxing, and wow. This stuff is incredible. I've been finding more uses for the wheat germ too, added it too my crepes this morning, not bad. Healthy stuff from what I hear too, the most healthy part of the wheat plant. Packed with protein, fibre, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. Pesto was made up last night as well, will try that out tonight on dinner. Not quite sure yet what I'll have it with, but you know it'll be good with this pesto!
I just realized that though I ran out of Euro's quite some time ago (the ones I brought with me) I have manged to live off race money for the last couple weeks. It gives me more encouragement to win the money to be able to go to the bakery to get some bread. It seems the last 2 races I have gone with the last of my Euro's and come back home with more Euro's so that I may get myself to the bakery or buy myself a beer or 2 in Brugges. Not bad. My only other current expense is grocery's and that is still taken care of by the old credit card. Well, time to eat and pack. The sun is calling us out to ride. Ciao for now.

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