Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Looks like summer is here

Knock on wood, but the weather is again wicked nice. And according to the forecast, should be nice for some time. Seems a little weird and un-Belgian, but appreciated none the less. Race day tomorrow. A bunch of cobbled climbs from Gent-Wevelgem will be there tomorrow, 147.5km of Belgian suffering. Wicked. Time to push my limits of pain again. We thought for a while that we would be climbing and descending the infamous Kemmelberg, but apparently not this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the numerous very bad crashes on it in this season's Gent-Wevelgem... Disappointing not to be able to race it, but at the same time undoubtedly making the race safer for us all. My knee has been a little sore since I banged it two days ago, but I've been icing it and it should be good to go tomorrow. Grocery run today, got a little overboard on the supplies. Note, don't go to a grocery store while hungry... Good stuff though, made some hummus today and more supplies to make some more musselli. Lots of nice fruit. Pretty relaxing day other wise. Quick 1.5 hour ride after the grocery store, loosen the legs up with a few sprints and high cadence work. Shower, nice salad for lunch and then lie down to watch some Scrubs and have a little tea. Hopefully a good day in the saddle tomorrow, just have to clean the machine still and then spend the evening relaxing and then spend the evening mentally preparing myself for a tough day of fighting and suffering. I find myself hungry for a result. Little disappointed after not finishing the last 2 Kermis'. I realize that there was not too much more I could have done, but I'm competitive. Just going to have to suffer a little more. Got another kangaroo steak for dinner tonight. Going to make a nice and complete meal to give myself the best possible chance again. Until after the race...

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