Saturday, July 28, 2007

Angered by doping

The news is not good for cycling. Many cries are coming out of this mess, which I feel is a good thing for us. Bernard and Ann are off to watch the finish of Le Tour in Paris with Johan Bruneel (director of Discovery) and already with the arrival of Geert (ds) and Noelle (soigneur) for our team stage racing rumours are abounding with more doping announcements. We have heard a more solid rumour involving King of the Mountains Soler, and some quiet rumours coming through our vines of connections regarding Contador. The later is the one that could impact us more directly. I wish to stress that we will not know until the press conferences at 11 more of what is going on, and I don't wish to call anyone guilty without proof, but... This house cleaning is cycling is moving along like a bloody bulldozer in a china shop. Rough days for cycling. The thing that angers me most right now, to the point that I feel the need to write out my thoughts, is that many seem to pass judgment on cycling as a whole based on these riders. I read a local email this morning from Ottawa where a triathlete called for the cancellation of the Tour. What will that help in the sport. There are huge steps being made in the right direction to simply even clean up the sport, banning many of the former top contenders for doping. I wounder what would happen if more drugs tests, as cycling is doing, were to happen in other sports such as triathlon? I see the same thing happening, if not worse. At least cycling has taken the responsibility to clean itself up. It will be a rough time, but I intend to continue and ride to my fullest potential. Cleanly. I would rather not make it as a professional in the Pro-Tour, but know I gave it my all without any "chemical help". Thats how I roll. Needless to say, its time to take this anger and translate it into something productive - like racing tomorrow. It's time for a new generation to make changes in cycling, I'm ready... are you?

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