Sunday, July 1, 2007

one day

So, one day till race day. Ended up being a nice day in the end (other than the usual wind), the kind of day I wish I were doing a long ride. The sun is out, the temperature is back above 20... All in all, I definitely hope the weather is similar tomorrow, maybe a little less wind. There seems to be a decent cold or flu running through the house currently, so I am doing my best to avoid it. Washing my hands extra, lots of tea and liquids, warm clothes, and plenty of rest. Nice little activation ride this morning. About 1.5 hours in the sun with a few sprints and some 1 minute efforts at threshold. Nothing too taxing, but confirmed that my legs seem to be feeling good. Got my mind in a good place, probably the most important part for me now is to ride smart and the way I know I can. It will be a hard flat day in the wind, and for me to finish a race of this level (or even do well) I need to race smart and be attentive. I will have to make sure my position is good for the cobbles and the wind sections to be able to get myself into a front echelon. The legs seem to feel good, so its up to the mind now. Nice tuna melts for lunch, and a coffee. Prepped the bike for the race after lunch: race wheels, lubed, cleaned, adjusted and cleaned some more. One more item checked off the pre-race list... As for right now, we are watching the Belgian National championships on the big screen and relaxing. Gotta stay off my feet and conserve my energy! Looking like a good traditional Belgian strong man race so far, the whole field has been strung out single file basically from the gun and the pack has shattered. That'll be us tomorrow... Well, I'm back to relaxing, enjoy your Canada day back home.
Kind of sad not to be celebrating actually... We'll fix that on Tuesday!

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tea mum said...

Happy July 1st.
Sounds like you are doing great!
Good Luck on your race day!!
The Newton Family