Friday, July 20, 2007

Pre race day dawns again

So I have been in Belgium for over a month now. Kinda freaky how time goes by actually, but to the point... In the last couple of days I have seen I have seen the best, warmest, sunniest weather so far. But today, that has changed back. The weather is now beyond Belgian, we don't even have a word to describe how hard its raining. It is black out, and I feel flooding in imminent. Thunder, lightning. Luckily, I am not one of those with a long ride scheduled today. Just a pre-race day. I think I'll wait until after lunch, if its still coming down, I may just ride the rollers. Cause to be honest, I really don't feel like getting soaked or having to clean my bike again. Call me soft, but that is just asking to get sick riding outside today. I gotta stay sharp for some of the races coming up. Perhaps I'll go get rolling on that cooking and baking soon. Maybe put my legs up and watch some Ali G Show... The options are nearly endless, as long as they don't involve going outside. I have decided I really want to come back next season, I dream of even coming back for a little longer. The main problem I am encountering in this plan in the monetary part. Racing your bike as an amateur in a foreign country costs cash moneys. I will be attending school on a fairly regular basis come September something-or-rather. I pay school. So needless to say, I have been consulting the internet with ways to raise myself some cash to be less poor. Or maybe, less in debt. I think I'm getting somewhere too. I won't reveal too much yet, not until I get home and do some more research, but I have some entrepreneurial ideas. But will need someone with internet experience to help with this. And don't worry, none of them are illegal (to my knowledge).
For the time being, I find myself trying to figure out (courtesy of Google maps) how to get from Hertsberge to Sinaai for the u23 Kermis Sinaai Molenhoek tomorrow. Apparently I seem to be the designated driver of the fun bus with only 4 of us going. I have no problem driving, but could have more problems navigating on these windy Belgian roads. Fun. Well, I off for some food and perhaps some pesto making. Enjoy your days.

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