Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sun and cafe

Glorious day here in Belgium. 31 degrees and sunny all day. No clouds even. Made for a nice day for a ride. Kinda wish I had a longer than 2 hour ride to do. So I went for more like 2.5 hours. I had to, so nice out. Nice and easy, tanning weather ride. After the ride, I grabbed a bite to eat (nice spinach salad) before grabbing a cruiser bike and heading into Oostkamp for the afternoon. Nice way to relax in the sun. Found myself a nice patio, ordered a coffee and took advantage of some people watching time in the sun. After and couple of hours of relaxation, rode myself home to watch the finish of the Tour stage. Nice dinner of pork chops and potatoes and here I am. Almost race time again, nice u23 Kermis race on Saturday. Looks like it will therefore be another lax day tomorrow, some leg openers and some more easy time. Bought some stuff to make more pesto sauce the other day, so perhaps some more cooking and baking is in order. I am out of biscotti again after all.

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