Sunday, July 8, 2007

Donkey Power

So, according to Wikepedia, one donkey power (significantly less than one horsepower) is equal to 250W. So I can push a couple of donkey powers. Word. Makes me laugh, even after taking another look at my busted up front wheel. Definitely should be able to save the tubular still though. Which would be nice considering it's a Comp 22 with only 3 races on it, therefore NO visible wear. Just pop a new tube in there and sew it back up. As for the wheel - toast. Bad luck, but that's racing in Belgium. I'm definitely getting a new rim though, just put those silly ceramic bearings in the hub before I left. Not letting those bad boys go to waste. Talked to Bernard this morning, apparently I'm racing again on Tuesday at a local Kermis race along with most of the team so should take today relatively easy and then do a pre-race day again tomorrow. Which is almost too bad as it appears to be another sunny day here in Belgium so far, which have been pretty few and far between. Got myself another score of free food the other day when I happened to be the first one up and Chris had just left that morning. Swooped! I have also worked out a deal with Vince that we will use his recently acquired basil plants and my recently acquired olive oil to create a fresh batch of pesto. Sweet. Tomorrow will be a pre-race day in the morning and off to the Tour feed zone at 1:30 to go find me some free schwag! I think there may be a grocery store run going down too, which would be nice as I have run out of a few fresh ingredients recently (fruit, vegetables...). Getting better at sticking to my grocery budget, and getting better at spotting the sales and whatnot. Found myself a tour guide for a rest day in Brussels one of these days, Steffan (the other Canadian member of the team) lives in Brussels with his girlfriend, so I may come a knocking some day to check out the sites. Considering a run into Brugges today to explore a bit, but we'll see how the legs feel this aft. Ciao

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