Monday, July 23, 2007

The return of rain

Rainy here in Belgium today, in case the title of this entry didn't give it away. Hard day on the bike too. First was the standard Monday morning grocery run. Went a little over budget today (both running low on some staples and building up a stock of stuff to make life cheaper in the long run). Got supplies to make more pesto, rijz tarts, and some homemade cereal/granola. Going to be a busy couple of days in the kitchen. Found that along with watching the harvest of many veggies from the fields during my rides has lead to cheaper produce for me to buy. Maybe shoulda just stuffed my pockets full every day while riding along the fields... Oh well, support the economy and whatnot. Found some of the most delicious oranges I've ever tasted too. Good food, but should be even better when I get some of this stuff cooked up. After the grocery run, got riding right away in order to make it back for the finish of the Tour stage on the tele. A little later than planned, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 4 hours in the rain with 30 1km intervals. Wicked good and hard, pretty tired now. Legs felt good and strong, felt like I was flying through the rain. Good feelings, but felt even better after to have a nice hot shower and then cook up some couscous and eggs. Little tea while watching the Tour and I'll be good to go again tomorrow for another nice day. Couscous is now one of my new favourite foods, filling, healthy, easy to make and delicious. Especially with some steamed veggies (ie. broccoli) and/or some scrambled eggs. Wicked. Should be a nice relaxing evening for me tonight, with the long hard day today and another long-ish day tomorrow, I will need my rest and to be extra careful to avoid getting sick. Especially currently without the weather co-operating. Race day approaches quickly again, with Wednesday and Saturday being Kermis days for me. We will be for sure riding to the race on Wednesday so that should be another long hard day in the office. Man, what a sweet life. The Ronde Vlams Branvant stage race is also starting on Wednesday so the house is currently preparing for the next UCI stage race. Again, I find myself on the "alternates" list, so I must be careful with my body as well in case something happens to one of the racers. That part is tough, its like that for most professionals too. You can get the call at anytime, leave at a moments notice. You must always be ready to race. This race will be a little more complicated for us at the house as the team racing will still be staying at the house as it is only a short drive to the start areas. This means that those of us not racing will have to pitch in extra to help unload the vans every day so that those racing may focus on racing and recovering. Its only fair, I may be on the other side in the coming weeks. Looks like for Antwerpen. I'm off for some dinner. Ciao

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