Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chicoutimi update

Team presentation has come and gone. Actually a pretty impresive opertaion. A packed room in the Devinci factory, sponsors gallore (hands to shake), some stage time in the light and of course many a snack to consume from the caterers. Maybe a little embarrasing to see a bunch of skinny cyclists gorging on hors doeuvres, but hey... we hadnt eaten all day. We were even in the paper the next day, as we are apparently quite a big deal around here. Even got our incredibly hot new team van all in team colours compliments of Honda. Big ups. Went for a good hard ride in the hills and wind of the area yesterday. Took in some absolutely stunning scenery between bouts of gutter riding. Lots of excellent climbs, some quiet farm roads and some sketch highway riding. Though to be fair, any time we hit a highway things seemed to get put in the gutter anyways; hell, we spent the first half hour to La Baie averaging 52kmh with a pretty wicked cross wind. A good hard 130ish kms in the end left us ready for a quick nap and some food. Not really warm here, but we jsut spent a nice hour and a half cruising today nice and chill. Got treated to a nice steak dinner after the team presentation by one of the sponsors, much appreaciated by some of us poorer members of the team. A quick grocery run take car of breakfast and lunch needs kept us rolling on the cheap. Tonight weère heading out to Simons house for dinner with his family, should be nice. Tomorrow we leave our kind hosts at Hotel Chicoutimi for Baie St-Paul and the Charlevoix race that follows this weekend. Try to get a quasi early start to allow us the time to get out for a nice tt training ride on the course. Not much else to report I guess, life is good. I do apologize for the lack of photo updates, apparently I have gotten quite camera lazy.

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you should take up mtbing!