Friday, May 16, 2008

Its a pre race

Don't have to hit the road today until closer to 5 pm. So a nice chill day. Two or so hours with the tt bike on some on some wicked bike paths with JS and Georges-Edouard has my legs feeling pretty nice and fresh. Swung by the Canada Cup course on the way home (about 12 seconds from the house) to meet up with Viper dude , Paziuk, say hello to a few others. Gotta say, I didn't even feel the need to go out and get muddy in a mountain bike race. Though I did get some funny looks rolling through the gravel parking lot on my tt bike all dressed in white and orange. I'm pretty sure most were looks of jealousy about how good our stuff looks and how much cleaner I was. I could be mistaken though. At the moment, I am starving; and trying to avoid gorging myself. Recovery/ easy days are bad like that for me the body keeps working hard expecting some work to be done and seems to continue running in overdrive to replenish stores and prepare for what it knows is coming. Time for a nap I think, still got a few hours of relaxing before the 2 road races and 1 tt this weekend. Hopefully the legs are there, cause the head is in the game.

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