Thursday, May 15, 2008

Merde Alors

In the last little bit, though my brain now seems to work faster in French, I don't seem to speak much better. Though my knowledge of dirty French words has increased exponentially. Today's ride was promised to be a mellow affair, I had Martin Gilbert's word on it. Though I expect he knew better as he decided not to come in the end. Brilliant weather, smokin' sweet route through the mountains of Vermont lead us towards a "chill" 5 hour day. 160km, 4:45 including a 30 minute climb and the ~20 minute ascent of Jay Peak. Francois Parrisien cracked our legs on the way up the hills, and we all took turns riding tempo on the "flats". Nice little group, basically me and 5 former/current National Champs. Rollin, Parisien, Perras, Boivin, Duquette, myself and 2 others whom I have managed to forget the names of. Not really according to the training plan, but wicked good fun none the less. After arriving home we all showered up and headed out to Brouemont for a meal and a beer, though we somehow swapped Perras for Toulouse. I guess those with children sometimes need to go home. Either way, a good evening. We all slept like babies last night. Woke up to a super chill morning of coffee and relaxing. Not bad, rain this morning anyways. Plus our tt bikes aren't supposed to arrive until this afternoon so the ride will be pushed back until we receive those I think. Time to put the legs up and rest before this weekend's multiple races. Not gonna lie, I'm a little pumped.


Anonymous said...

Is there a road up to the top of Jay?

I plan to ride from Ottawa to White face this summer.
Did it last year, 230km.
Flat mostly.

sandyf said...

Not to the very top that I know of, the one we climbed kinda skirted around the side a bit. Start the climb, until you get to a fork - right to the golf course, or left to keep going. Go left.