Monday, May 26, 2008

Race breakdown

Small pack on a windy square. Cool to race a crit in downtown Montreal, but really not very exciting or fun. The fact that my legs were not quite there and some stomach issues never really helped my day. Basically, Perras and a Sleeman's rider got away early and held the pack at the 22-30 second mark until about 5 or 6 laps to go. I followed a few bridging attempts but generally sat in the pack trying to stay out of the wind. There was just no top end in my legs. The break was eventually caught by the Volks train who continued to control the race, a few small moves moved up but the pack was controlled with our train waiting directly behind Volks to launch Guillaume for the sprint. JS let Guillaume go out of the final corner launching the man to a sweet victory. Or so we thought. Guillaume took a free lap for a "mechanical" (a plastic bag was caught in his derailleur) before being allowed to hop back in by the commissars. After the race, a protest was filed by the second place team (obviously) cough...cough...Sleeman's... and Gui was relegated as a plastic bag is technically not a broken bike. After a long discussion with the people in charge, we discovered that this particular rule is open to interpretation; even if Gui's seat post had slipped all the way down, that as well would not have counted (if interpreted) as that is not a "broken bike". Apparently he should have crashed. Day done.
Pretty shoddy day today; rain and cool weather. Luckily it is a recovery day. Wasn't terribly tired last night, went out for one of the best burgers ever at the Brouemont (cheap too). Slept like a baby afterwards, and am quite tired this morning. Trying to work out my training and travel plans for the week currently. Really have a stick in the drivetrain at the moment with this having to travel to a team function thing in Chicoutimi. Good times. Next up, Charlevoix...

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