Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Man, for someone with such a theoretically simple life, I definitely have very little spare time. Especially at the moment while trying to get my life organized enough to spend several weeks away again. Went out for the crit last night and had a jolly good time. Bit of work on the front, slip into a few ill fated breaks, and then played 'follow JS' for a bit to work on my ability to focus and follow a particular wheel without wasting energy. Good times. Got my Nova Scotian boy Geoff staying with me at th moment too, so fun times have definitely been increased. Or at very least, I don't feel quite as lame sitting around drinking coffee in the morning as there are now 2 of us sitting around. Heading out for my first loop of the park in a few minutes, could also be my last for a while. Well I guess I better get moving, too much time blogging and no one will believe that I actually have very little spare time. Sorry.

weekend pics from Ste-Raymond

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