Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Crit went well last night. Things got a little on the sketch side when coming towards the final sprint when a few riders who apparently really should not have been near a sprint, let alone a fast moving pack of cyclists, deciding to use the last of their "strength" to make their way to the front. Luckily their inability to hold a straight line, and an apparent need to dive bomb (poorly) corners moved them out of the way. That and a powerful pull/surge from a particular rider to pop the pace to about 51 on the back straight, allowed for a decent sprint. And by decent I mean I was the first to cross the line. Other than the dudes in the break. But JS won the real race, so it works out for us in the white and orange. Things are coming along nicely and I'm feeling better and better on the bike. Its time for a good race this weekend I feel. Solid ride today, though I may have pushed it a little long as I got caught in the rain for the last 45 minutes to an hour. No biggie. Nice day to cruise. About 6 hours in the end of solid zone .5. This equates to roughly "slow as ass" in metric. Not that I'm bragging or anything. I just happen to be really good at Zone .5, its kinda my thing. Keep the easy easy, and the hard hard. And keep your stick on the ice.


vicki said...

Hey Sandy

Drop me an email ( - I have a quick question for you.

Don't worry nothing scary!


JAC said...

Go check Pedal mag (issue 2008), your name is in it!
(same with Glen Rendalls for CX racing in Italy)