Saturday, May 24, 2008

Of no particular interest

I managed to sneak out yesterday for a quick little 2 hour bike path spin up into Granby yesterday in between torrential rain storms. JS and I waited until one stopped late in the afternoon, jumped on our bike, enjoyed a brief appearance by the sun and then returned home to have the rain start again 10 minutes after our arrival. Not bad. Cooked us up a massively sweet steak, sweet potatos and a grilled veggie salad. Not bad. Windy again today, but at least it doesn't look like rain for the sake of the boys racing on the track today. I on the other hand am having a pretty chill morning here in front of the computer and waiting until the weather decides to warm up a tad. Planning another ride into Granby with some sprints, and to find a particular bike shop to fix my shoes. Damn cleat snapped, and some screws are stripped. Merde. Think I may swing by the track after to check out some of the action and see whats what with track racing. Otherwise, I think its time for another coffee and wait for the action to start in today's first real mountain stage in the Giro.

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