Friday, May 9, 2008

how to laze

Begin by pouring yourself a generous cup of your favourite brew, in my case a wonderfully smooth and robust bialletti cup this morning. Grab your computer, your remote, or a good book and proceed to put you legs up and let your cares float away. I have even gotten to the point that with the return of Mr. sunshine, my shy friend of years, that I will soon put down the computer head downstairs to the sunny deck to sit with my new cook book and a second cup of joe. Such is my morning. I do have a few things to do on my platter today, but before those of you more gainfully employed loose a gasket reading this from your cubicles, I would like to share the current downsides to my life. For examples, while going out to redevelop a social life last night, I was the most sober person within a 10 mile radius of the market. Not terrible per say, but most certainly not old Sandy either. The biggest minus to my current lifestyle would have to be the bank account balance. I know, cry me a river. But, I guess it is time to fill the page of this blog with something more meaningful, I just seem to be in a pretty bloody relaxed mood today. Due to the getting caught in the rain bit the other day, I need to give my bike a good cleaning. Can't show up to a race with a grimy bike, that is just not kosher. I also need to pack for the week to live in Bromont. You know, usual cyclist life things: Nutella, books, movies galore and some chain lube. Nothing big. I also intend to head off in a few minutes to the ol' Canada Tire to build myself a quick pit kit for my bike washing. I have a bunch of stuff, but feel the need for some more. Perhaps I'll check my basement stashes first... Got myself a solid interval session in yesterday's wind. Even managed to work it out so that all my intervals were into the head wind, and I could cruise a beautiful tail wind home with the sunset. Enjoy your weekend, and hope to see some of y'all at Brockville. The weather looks bike-race-'tastic.

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Anonymous said...

cook - you should be a cook boy!
You seem to have this passion for cooking stuff! (which is a good thing - a good chef is like an artist and a chemist combined in one!)

down-sides to life... been there... still being there.
And, I hear yah about the bank account thing.
I have spent well over 25k over the past 3 years racing (doing staged stuff and biking bikes).
Not complaining because its been a blast! And, if anything, I'm a tougher mofo for it all (at least healthier, it could have been spent on boozing it up very very easily - try going though a seperation, loosing a mom, and racing a staged race all in one month! Or, loosing a job (only to get another in a day), finding a crack in a brand new house you just bought, trying to fight with an insurance company for a bike that got squashed because someone ran over you all within a month.
Life ain't easy. Especially with age.
Man, what I would give to be back in my 20s. Take advantage of your 20s! Live the best of it. Travel.
Meet fine women. Dine fine.
Race like mad. Cause 20s only last once... then you start getting old.
With age comes sore backsides, hemroids, and slowness (as the grey matter ages).