Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I don't even know

Does anyone even know where Chicoutimi is? I know so far it is in the Sagenuay region of Quebec and that many of my teammates come from this region, but that is it. Oh. And I will be there as of this evening. And for the next couple of days. Exciting. I get to do some kind of team presentation for sponsors and check out the Devinci factory and all other sorts of cool, team related stuff. Generally my job will be to look good, and strain really, really hard to try and understand what is being said to me. Other wise I may just keep saying "oui" and end up in some kind of Quebecois prison.
As a separate, and also quite funny story, we were accosted by the police last night. Apparently, when 3 cyclists sit in a parking lot in a car eating ice cream in the dark (no, it wasn't even late yet) things look suspicious to Bromont's finest. Needless to say, as we sat enjoying our frozen milk treat, the police pulled up behind us, apparently thinking that they were on the cusp of busting some drug smoking, no-do-gooder kids in a stolen vehicle. Untrue, we borrowed the vehicle from our teammate, and the rest is completely erroneous. As they came a knocking on the window with flashlights, we explained that "non madame, on mange des McFlurry's" and I held up the tray with the evidence towards them. Slightly perplexed, they demanded more explanation. So we talked about cycling, and how I was not from around here. How they figured this nugget of information, I will never know.

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Anonymous said...

your in the land of the belle province.
Belle meaning - we'll lock you up for anything you damn anlo!

I have a french last name. French as can be. My grandfather got kicked out of the family because he married someone from Irland some years back.
So, my parents refused to take up speaking french in rebellion.
Heck, even the media told Que to cool down last week!
Up tight mofos they are.
All over language.
If it was over culture I could see. But, language. That just perplexes me.
Language is a barier used to keep others out of a clan of people.
So, is culture to some extent.
But, there is nothing like good food associated to culture.
Food brings people together.
Language does not.
F-it is all I can say to that subject matter.