Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Return

Back in Bromont. Woke up early this morning to head out for a ride with Geoff and JS, but first some pancakes. Weird weather. Started off quite chilly and light rain, then the sun proceeded to come out for our intervals on Blacks, followed by Geoff and I getting absolutely soaked as soon as we hit the long gravel stretch towards JS's place. It was actually quite Belgian, good stiff cross wind, mud, gravel and some serious downpour action. Then of course the sun came out as we arrived home. Such is life. Shower, nap and then we broke out the bbq for some tasty burgers before hitting the road. Just got into Bromont here, and am settling back into the house. I little more full and less tidy then when we left last week, but home none the less for the next bit. I'm bloody tired and a half, so I'm out. Hopefully some fun news to come. Racing a crit in Montreal Sunday, and may try to head out to try the track here soon.

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