Wednesday, May 14, 2008

going local

After a ridiculously relax Monday, I rode about 2 hours with Charles and G-E on some bike paths and back roads, today was back to some more serious work. Oh, we also did some house shopping at WalMart (my least favourite place in the world) for a new toaster and a basic coffee grinder. We may have also taken advantage of some cheap cereal and other foodstuffs. A beer at night to welcome Guillaume to the house finished off our day. A nice spin in the morning sun got us off to a good start on Tuesday, which also seems to be know as the international day of evening world championships. Things are no different around here with us making the quick drive down to Sherbroke for their version. 10$ got you an entry, into what was a smaller and less quite field than I'm used to, but we set about making the race hard for all. We made a plan of being on the attack constantly, and that we did. From the gun. Georges was the first to manage to escape the grasps of the peleton, even managing to stay away with one other rider for the duration and take the 2 up sprint. In the end a good day, though I was somewhat upset to have my final break caught just before the sprint. No worries, a good day training. And the nachos after were quite wonderous. Meeting a group of boys today for a nice hilly ride down into the US I think. From what I hear, it should be quite the group of boys. Tt bikes should be arriving tomorrow, along with my boy JS. The weekend is on its way.....

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