Monday, May 12, 2008


A Bromont update here, Bromont rocks. Great training, good people and of course some good times. Found myself a sweet 5 hour route yesterday down through Knowlton (no sign of Lynn Bessette), through Sutton (some pretty wicked climbing), along the Vermont border, and then back up through some sweet gravel road climbing. Tons of friendly folk out on their bikes (pedal and motor powered) and some ridiculously good scenery. Every little town seemed to cry out at me with bakeries, and coffee shops. Got home, with a steep final climb up "Iron Hill" to the house (about 5-10 minutes of steep pitches). A good salmon dinner, seafood is cheap, set me up for a good evening of relaxing. Georges is at the house today, and we all seem to have a nice chill coffee ride on the schedule for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Post yur route boy!
Enquiring minds gotta know!
(always looking for some sweet routes)
Especially down around there!

I plan to do three major rides this year:
1/ from ott to placid (did this last year - flat for the most part, going through Ontario sucks big time! Going through Adorondacks is just wonderful! Loven' the wide shoulder. Peaceful and fast!
2. from ott to montreal. I know its gonna be hell around montreal. Drivers are all pot heads I take it... something is up with their driving habits.
3/ from ott to to. Again, TO is gonna be hell. Ain't no place for a two wheeled ride to be.

I love the US roads. From NY through to North Carolina. Most roads seem to accomodate cyclists in a big way. The culture, maybe not... as long as they leave room for me and my two wheels!

Please post more info on the route! Always looking for some new interesting routes!