Saturday, June 2, 2007

tt suck. really suck

So, we have an upset team right now. A dismal performance was had by all. Except Joel. He had the ride of his life it would seem, and is quite content.
33 - Joel Sidhu - 23:01
39 - Geoff O'Toole - 23:29
45 - Phillipe Boisvert - 24:11
48 - Steve Keeping - 24:20
49 - Sandy Fulton - 24:22
55 - Shawn Clarke - 25:32

There are not a lot of happy riders in our room right now. We are doing our best to leave this behind and prepare for the next 2 stages, the road race is what we are here for anyways. THe crit course would be fast, except for the ridiculous tail wind on the way out and therefore huge headwind on the way home. I always seemed to be 44km/h + to the turnaround, then struggled to hold 30km/h at some points on the way back. I have also just learned that we got girled. All of us. By Lynn Bessette. She was 25th. Time to eat, rest and get ready for our 8pm crit tonight. Should be better, much easier after our US crit experience. Plus, we are only here for stage wins. If are too high up on GC we will be marked when we attack to solo in for the win. Call us Euskatel. So from Quebec, pamplemousse...

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John said...

Way to go joel! a fire must have been lit. what about dante?
protect your leader! have fun