Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More sun and wind from Belggie

Awesome day today, talked with Bernard last night when the teams arrived home from the UCI races; got my team kits (2 jerseys, 1 long sleeve, 1 vest, 2 shorts) in USA flag colours, got word that I will be getting my testing done early next week with doc Dag, and most importantly I should be racing on Sunday. Here we go boys and girls! Basically I have a few hard days of training, then we are into race mode here for me. I that spirit, I rode a hard day today in the wind. And windy it was... 4 hours and change, 120km, with 3 hours at a tempo pace. Pretty shattered when I arrived back to the house, wearing what looks like an American flag in spandex form. haha. Really actually looking forward to yelling back at the first Belggie who calls me "stupid amerikan" in the race. Wankers. Apparently I need to do some yelling back and ride very aggressively in order not to be made the pack "bitch". They will jump on any weakness around here to gain an advantage. All is well though, ate a good bowl of leftover pasta (with the new love of my life, tobasco sauce!) to get the body back rolling. Now, enjoying some tea, I sit here, writing to you fine folks and watching the very fine Tour de Suisse. I have discovered an awesome new bakery where I buy my bread now, I am somewhat partial to the sourdough and the multi grain, one slice from one of these bad boys is not only delicious, but weighs as much as an entire loaf of Loblaws bread back home... Thats some fine calorie laden bread, especially when covered in Nutella, fine breakfast AND ride food... I'm off for a nap (this life rules), we'll see whats up tomorrow, heading into our local bike shop... ciao

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Echelon à Martinique said...

Good stuff Sandy, you have settled in and now the show begins.
Have fun