Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glorious morning in Belgium

So, morning is starting off pretty well. Found out I'm getting my testing done Tuesday, racing for sure on Sunday, and best of all free food. Thats right. Those who know me, realize how excited this has made me. Bunch of guys left early this morning to return home for US Nat's, and of course left behind a bunch of unfinished food. Myself, being early to rise this morning, was the first to discover this pile of gold. And then of course pillaged it for all I could carry. Thats the rule around this house, if its free for the taking, you can take whatever you can carry. Luckily my spider arms allow for me to run off giggling with quite a bit. Now, I sit waiting for the bike shop run, mostly for shits and giggles (though I'm sure I'll have to buy something), and watching the Zoncolan climb from this year's Giro (thanks Keir). I also wait to hear how many of the boys are heading on today's recon ride for Tuesday's UCI race, if there is room, I will shoving myself into the van for a ~5 hour day of climbing several of the famous Tour of Flander's climbs! With that being one of my "must do while in Belgium" items, I will do all I can to get on this ride. Plus Bernard has me down for a 4 hour day "with sprints" so, whats another hour with cobbles??? I'm off to the shop, but I'll bring my camera if I head off to da Ronde...

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