Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last day

So the rush is on, my procrastination has finally caught up. I leave tomorrow, and I have way too much shit to do. But first some beers and goodbyes. Not too late, I have a long day ahead of me. Leave Ottawa at 4pm, arrive Brussels at 10:50am. Hop a train to Tielt, meet up with someone from the Cycling Center. Good stuff, nice and easy. The hard part is getting ready. To make matters worse, I discovered this afternoon (about 10 minutes before I left for the crit) that my fork was cracked. I am having the worst luck with bikes this season. Luckily according to my new no stress lifestyle, this cannot and will not bother me. We have another black Steven's fork with the special oversize lower bearings at the shop, so I will just wire in tomorrow morning, swap my fork and say my goodbyes again. After that, it should be somewhat more simple, pack my bag and bike (could be interesting to pack 2 wheels and a bike in the box...), get some Euro's and deposit my final check for a while (bar some Euro winnings, knock on wood) then photocopy some important documents. Easy enough? Well according to my nothing bothers me, no stress lifestyle, for sure! On the other note, had a good crit today, did some work on the front, rode very smart and well (I'd say) in this much more technical than usual local crit course. The only mistake I made was not pulling out with 5 to go as planned (wanting to avoid any chance of hurting myself with some of the usual sketch bags). So as was bound to happen (keep in mind I was still running top 10 easily) someone went down after a touch of wheels, then the guy in front of me hit him, I used my "incredible" reflexes (something like that) to jump the curb at a somewhat awkward angle then jump from my bike to avoid some other riders and make a nice rolling soft impact on the grass. No damage to bike (more than original anyways) or to rider. No stress. Got home. Here I am. Ciao for now, the next update should come from Europe. Shit ya.
Or at very least an airport if I get bored.

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