Thursday, June 14, 2007


So I'm here. After sooo many hours in planes and rushing trough airports, I have made it. Managed to get all my packing done, just barely might I add. Got to the airport with plenty of time, checked my bike and bag and boarded my flight. A little nervously I might add. Next stop Toronto, not much time, rushed to my next flight which had its first boarding call just as I pulled up. Got on and started reading to wait for dinner and the movie. Dinner was usual airline food, movie was terrible (something involving a "Veil" and some sappy romance). But on the plus side it put me right to sleep and I woke up as breakfast arrived at 6:30am London time. Then bam, jolly England. Which by the way is completely false. At least from the Londoners I met a the airport, but I did see a lot of airport, even had to take a Mercedes bus across to another terminal where I did my damnedest not to laugh at the fact that we where driving on the wrong side of the road. From there, I bought the latest issue of Pro Cycling and a cafe (might as well force my body into this new time zone) and sat around and explored for an hour or so until it was time to board the next flight. Now onto British Midland Airways where I boarded a jet that I'm sure was built the year I was born, kinda old and pleather-y. None the less, it managed one more flight and deposited me into Belgium, where luckily the signs are french and flemish, but most people seem to be flemish so far. After some talking with local airport folk, I determined how to get to the train, buy a ticket and then most importantly get on the right train. Right, off the train in Tielt, picked up by some of the Cycling Center boys and time for groceries, and then a ride. Plus we watched todays stage of the Dauphine Libere live in flemish. Pretty cool. I have now settled myself into a room, begun to figure out what I forgot to pack, and got my bike set up. Not too bad. Unfortunately, Bernard is currently away from the center for a few days so no new kits for me yet. Oh well, with time... That about sums up my adventure to date, one ride in, pretty good so far. Now time to relax and see if I can stay awake to 9ish. Ciao for now

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John said...

way to go sandy
sometimes the hardest part of the journey is getting out the door and going
you made it
focus, relax, shoulders down and take it all in. don;t wish to be anywhere else but where you are and what you are doing
keep up with the updates and send me an address to mail you your postcards