Sunday, June 17, 2007

Long day in the wind

Today was a good day in Belgium. The sun has come out (apparently Belgium is generally quite warm and dry through June and July, contrary to what I've seen the last few days. Managed to remove my knee/leg warmers and long sleeve jersey today. Even tossed the arm warmers in the second half of the ride as the sun warmed me. I decided to make a long hard day for myself to test my legs today and see how they are reacting while most of the rest of the house was out suffering like dogs in some local Kermesses. Did 2 loops today, first the green loop then after a quick bottle refill, the yellow loop again. Good stuff, pretty damn windy today though to go with the nice sun. In the end, 4.5 hours and 125km. Plus a couple of 10min efforts at threshold near the middle of the ride to test my legs and make it a real workout. Did the trick, arrived home after 3 waffles, a banana and 4 water bottles quite knackered. Quick shower, a few sandwiches then sat myself down on the couch to watch the final stage of the Dauphine (poor Levi!) and then on to the finale of the second stage of the Tour of Suisse (again a crash but rock on Zabel!). Now, I sit here typing, and working on my grocery list (not a good idea while hungry) for tomorrows grocery store run. Hope all went well in Preston and the course was safe and fun, maybe I'll even be able to find results in the next few days. Saw the funniest thing yet on my ride today, as a can passed me (not that quickly) I noticed a kid (probably about 12) drafting it on this road bike that seemed so large he wouldn't even be able to sit down. T-shirt flailing in the wind, running shoes spinning away. Man, strong little guy though. Big day for group rides though, everyone from Grandma and Grandpa doing their tour, to old man clubs, to the occasional racing club (heading to a race I assume). Most of the old man clubs are the best (for reasons other than their hideous XXXL jerseys) they seem to meet at these club house style buildings to have a meeting of some kind, do their ride, and finally conclude their day at the bar about 1pm. Now that is training! I took some more sweet pictures today, so will post them later tonight when I get my act together, for now its time to get dinner going. Ciao from Belgium

ps one of the other guys and I are making plans to head up to Gent to watch the finish of the Tour de France stage 2 on July 8! And then head out to watch the start if the next stage in Weregem?. Both are like a 1-1.5 hour ride from the Center! Sweet!!!

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