Monday, June 11, 2007

post weekend update

So successful weekend on the recovery side of things. Other than the usual pain inflicted by Westie during our motor pacing session on Friday evening. Ouch. Other than that, the weekend was full of cottage life and easy riding. Made my way up to Pook's cottage on Saturday afternoon on the Ottawa river to discover some seriously gorgeous weather. F*^&$# ya. Broke out the old bbq and some cold beers (Belgian of course!) and then proceeded to move our chairs onto the flooded dock to enjoy the sun. After dinner and the arrival of a few other guests (local and friends) we proceeded to ramp up the drinks and bump the party up to a slightly rowdier level. Good times. After a few rounds of made up drinking games and the usual shenanigans, we all proceeded to pass out to MIB. Again, good stuff. Finally capped off with a day of tubing and lounging and finally some grunt work (helping big D load dump his 8 gaggilion pounds raft into the water) we headed for home. Now here I am, down to 1.5 days left here in Ottawa. I really should start packing. Got good news from Larry the photographer ( too, pictures worked out well, so I should have myself some personalized post-cards to hand out to adoring fans soon. Word. Take a look, we look pretty damn pro I'd say.

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