Thursday, June 7, 2007

Final details.

So Belgium is coming up fast. Details are being ironed out, money is being worked out. Packing is of course not yet started. Save that for next week. Credit card company aware that I will be buying stuff in Belgium, not Canada for a while. Work aware that I will not be attending for some months, Belgian beer company's aware to bump up production... The usual. Got my report from the doctor's yesterday, I officially have "exercise induced asthma". Have a prescription for some puffers, have charts full of numbers to prove it to the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport. Now just gotta test how fast they can rush paperwork. haha. Bureaucracy will screw me yet. On one hand, I'm happy to at least know whats going on with my body (apparently all that coughing is not as normal as I thought) but on the other hand, I really don't want to become dependent on some drugs. Perhaps I'll talk about it more with a sports doctor (or Bernard or the infamous Doctor Dag in Belgium). On a separate note (actually somewhat related), after inducing the asthma for the doc to do my lung spirograph, I actually threw out my back a bit coughing. Seriously. F*#^. Oh well, we'll let DeVeer take care of that during my massage tomorrow (I definitely feel pro now!). Should be a good day tomorrow, early morning massage with DeVeer followed by an evening motor pacing session with Westie. Both painful during (one slightly more relaxing) but both should lead to significant gains... Interesting. For now, I'm off to work to finish gluing up my new rubber. Ciao
Oh, forgot to mention, we had this sweet team photo shoot the last night pre-sens loss (I'm not even going to discuss how bad we played). But definitely pretty cool, basically we motor paced off this Toyota while our photographer hung out the trunk snapping action pics. Plus a few group ones after. Should look good! I'll see if I can get a hold of some of them and post a few up here.

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