Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some crit redemption

So the crit did go better. With high speeds and some serious sketch bag riders we all finished much happier with our legs (still no podium) but ready for the road race tommorow. With one of the coolest, most technical crits you'll find, you better have a good time. Plus, running it at dusk (8pm) and you have fun. Minus some sketch bag Quebec riders of course. Lucklily I have decent control over my french swearing and yelling and my elbows were in need of a good workout. On the plus side, all of the boys finished (Shawn and Joel got lapped).
With a poor start position, and my notoriously slow starts, I had to quickly rely on my fitness to close gaps and move up. The first 5 laps sucked. Pain, with speeds of 50+ on the straight it quickly became apparent that while closing the numerous gaps I would have to both pass on the straights and try to pass on the corner. After 5-7 laps, things calmed down a bit and I began hearing rumours of several Trek VW guys off the front, things began to heat up again leading into the finale (it was only a 20 lap race). With more gaps opening and beginning to catch lapped riders I found myself 20 feet off the pack with about 8 other riders with 2 to go. Towing this group around, with no one else "able to work" 1 rider quickly decided to attack me. After bringing him back about 30 feet later, I got back to work holding the gap on the pack as riders ahead began to sit up for the sprint. To finish it off, some wanker from CIBC decided he needed the honour of sprinting the guy who towed his ass around the course for 2 laps. What a tool. But the finish was in sight. And I held the field to the same 5 second or so gap. Now, after a good dinner, we are preparing for bed and the tough 130km road race to come tomorrow morning. All for now, time to crack some skulls in the road race...

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