Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest and recovery

Decided to take it relatively easy today. Body is still adapting to the time change and it is my usual recovery after all. Might as well keep the grove going, shock the body a little less. Went out with Joe and Colt on the white 55km loop. 2 hours, nice chill ride with some photos. I'll get to posting some more of those eventually. Started the day off with a house cleaning, apparently a Monday morning "tradition". After words, grocery store run. Stocked up on many things to last for a while and a few more perishables. Got back, nice little sandwiches for lunch, finally met Bernard for the first time. Fresh off the plane from Bahrain (don't ask my where it is). Really cool guy, let us in on a few secrets regarding the Discovery Channel pro team (can't say more, but apparently word should be released in a few days). Busy this afternoon dividing my attention between Tour of Suisse on TV right now and working our some license issues to be ready to race. Hopefully soon, I'm getting that itch. I figure I'll get myself a good hard day tomorrow in the morning and then going to head into Brugges for the afternoon with Joe and possibly some other guys as part of Joe's birthday. Should be a sweet day. Weather is coming around here, mostly sunny today, still windy as shit right now though. I guess that's Belgium though haha. Time for some fish and curry tonight.... Sandy out.

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