Thursday, June 28, 2007

The sun returns

Got a little warmer today, and the sun was even out for a majority of the day. Good day for some miles and some work on the food front. We had another team meeting this morning, welcomed another new face to the group, went over what is expected of us for the coming period and then busted out into the sun for a nice 3 hours. Even managed to take off the arm warmers for a period. Nice 3 hours, still under 200W with sprints every 15 minutes. Nice training day, good feelings from the legs. After arriving home and showering I proceeded to start with my homemade creations. First up, some pesto for my pasta. With a nice selection of fresh ingredients from the Delhaize, I found myself a food processor and went to town. Not bad if I do say so, think I may buy myself a Basil plant. If any of you have a good recipe for pesto, I would be happy to indulge myself and try them out. After that, biscotti time. With the ovens here not having a temperature gauge, I had to guess on the temperature, but got it almost right. Came out fine, impressing most of my roommates with my culinary skills. Now I have some fresh biscotti to dip in my coffee in the mornings and to bring along as ride food. haha. Next on the list I will be attempting to create some homemade energy bars. Should have all the dried fruits, nuts and other wonders to make them delicious and moist. On to dinner, and now our third installment of Back to the Future. Life continues, and what a wonderful life it is here in Europe. I believe I should be racing again at some point this weekend, which will be nice to be able to learn from the last race and put those lessons to use. Well, ciao for now.

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