Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rainy updates

So, a little glad I'm not with the boys racing today. It's pouring. Got my ride in anyways, tried to sneak out between rain, almost made it too. Rained lightly throughout but nothing to serious, got my workout in; some sprints, some leg openers and finally some cadence stuff, before the skies emptied on me. I mean emptied. I went from being mildly damp, to soaked to the bone (even with rain cape) in about 10 minutes. And then still had to ride home more. But for some reason, this didn't really bother me. This is what Belgian cycling is about, working through it all and being prepared. Weather doesn't magically improve when we race, why should it while we train. But now I sit here, contemplating my pre-race dinner, and enjoying the warmth of the house. My homemade yogurt from last night is coming along nicely, should be ready to eat soon, have some of that wonderful fresh bread from Oostkamp to eat still. Life is good. Perhaps a nap will be in order next, pre Tour de Suisse... My next project will be buying more supplies to make some more stuff here in bulk, such as a nice pesto sauce. Anything to save some cash. I have also just realized that every day, as I type here on the couch in the common room, I sit next to Lance Armstrong's tt bike. Seriously. Directly behind me is the USPS coloured tt rig of the Texan himself, complete with name sticker, Bonti disc, HED tri-spoke, well worn Concor saddle, and old team issue Deda aero bars. Shit. I knew Bernard was in close with a lot of people, but damn. As for myself, I still need to get my bike cleaned up and race ready after the last 2 days of riding in some rain. Gotta swap the wheels and lube it up. No excuses, its go time. I'll try to post after the race tomorrow, we'll see how tired I am upon arriving home. Time for a snack and a nap. Ciao

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Keir said...

dude.. next time you make yoghurt, heat the milk with a crushed vanilla bean first... so good. Best of luck tommorow.. no matter what, keep suffering.