Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to Canada

So we've made it home. All tired, but happy with our races and the experience gained. Somerville was an experience in itself, to do a crit race of that level will undoubtedly help my racing dramatically, even though I only held in for half the race. I was much happier with my racing though, and have learned more valuable lessons and put others learned the day before into play. I managed to get a decent start position (near the middle of 220 other riders) and was much more confident at speed - both for cornering and generally riding tits out with 220 other crazy guys. I learned that you MUST stay near the front, not too close so that you get sucked into chasing, but close enough that you are in the vortex of a draft. The last 40 guys or so are all suffering and strung out single file. Plus you have to jump that much harder out of the corners. I also witnessed a lesson in race controlling. The race was fast, like ridiculously so. But none the less, Navigators managed to get their train to the front and wind it up starting with about 3 to go. Launching an Aussie rocket who did not disappoint. Pretty cool to be lining up and rubbing elbows with some of these Pros. I will say I was much less nervous today, and mentally much more in the race. Good. Again hot though, which sapped a lot out of me. I need more time in that kind of heat I guess. But again, an awesome trip, and huge thanks to John L of the Echelon Project for pushing us to do this and helping out so much. That man is a hard man. Definitely the oldest guy in the pack, but also one of the smartest. Now time for more hard training and then down to Charlevoix this weekend, plus a massage tomorrow. Awesome.
Plus a shout out to Geoff for finishing 51st. F&(*$ing wicked sweet) and Steve (we know you finished little buddy)

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