Thursday, May 24, 2007

More doping news

Well this week even with a wicked Giro going on, is unfortunately getting more and more depressing as a cyclist. Aside from one of the toughest Giros' ever, more admitted doping is coming to the surface, even after the wake of Operation Puerto. Now involving the old Telekom team of the 90s, several riders have come forth (good on them for admitting it I guess) including both Rolf Aldag and Erik Zabel. Now These are 2 riders that I formerly held in very high regard, and still do to a certain degree. Zabel has always been somewhat of a hero of mine, a very understated rider, always in the mix, and still riding strong enough to podium at last years world championships even with god knows how many years of racing under his belt. Apparently he made a surprise appearance at one of the Telekom press conferences after dropping out of the Giro (unheard of for this man of steel) and confessed, while crying to using EPO for a week during the Tour in the 90s. The fact that he admitted it, while in tears nonetheless, and has stepped up to accept the consequences shows the mans true character. It is truly unfortunate that he had a moment of weakness, but as he stated, he wants to set an example for his son who is now riding as well. I fear this will spell the end of another otherwise great cyclist's career. Thank you for your honesty, but when will it end? All this will cost many other cyclists their jobs with sponsors pulling out faster than you lose a $20 at the rippers. I have had enough, I put in many hours of hard work, and would not like to know that I was beaten at the line by a doper, but at the same time. I was clean.

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