Monday, May 14, 2007

Motor pacing and other tales of hurt

So, being the social animal I am, I spent a good portion of my Friday evening riding my bike behind a motorcycle. Even missing part of the Senators game by doing so. But on the other hand, with the amount of hurt inflicted on me by the wonderful Westy, I should see some serious gains to my riding. 2.5 hours of riding (1.5 hours behind cruel Westy) and 100km later, I was knackered, sipping a beer and watching the remainder of the game. For the most part, I stared at the little BMW logo on the back of the bike and prayed that a stop sign would come. On the other hand, for some reason it was still fun. Yes, I know, if you don't ride a bike/race a bike you will undoubtedly find me to be nuts. Thats cool, I can deal with that. My name is Sandy, and I am a cyclist. To make it more interesting, the Senators game went to double overtime, plus a little celebratory drinking after and BAM, its morning and I've agreed to a "tits out" loop of the park. Basically, several of us met, and agreed to attack each other senseless on every climb. No matter how small. It hurt. But again, in that good, fun, crazy ass cyclist kinda way. Plus we managed to "end up" at the local bakery and coffee shop for some energy for the ride home. Nice day in the sun.
On a separate note, over a team steak breakfast Saturday morning, we received our sweet new team kits. Classic Belgian styles. Pictures to come of that soon. I have also just finished registering for the NRC Tour of Summerville and Bookbound Criterium at the end of May. Should provide a whole new level of race-hurt. Max field of 220 guys, all going for the 50 mile speed record. F*@^ing eh. Just finished watching a close 1-0 win for the Sens, life is looking good right now. Crit tomorrow, hopefully preceded by a good ~100km ride to make it extra tough. More details to come through the week, and of course some pictures of the new kits.

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