Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Midweek ramblings

So, the sickness has past, as has the first beautiful training weekend in quite some time, and a new week has begun. This week for me will be one of recovery and reduced volume. I must now begin adding more intensity in my build for Belgian racing. With this in mind, I made my way up to the first A loop of the Gatineau park this Tues evening. With a huge group meeting me at the start, I and some leftover phlegm from my cold still residing, I made the conscious decision to not do too much work early on. Hitting the first climb, I began to move up through the pack towards the front group, finding my legs to be feeling in good shape, I had no problems moving through the field. Approaching the Fortune climb, I was pulled to the front by my friend JS of the Calyon team, with a smile on his face as he told me that I "wanted" to be at the front. After a good tempo climb (I feel better and better about my form every time I ride just by watching people around me!), I decided that I had had enough and was time to do some work. The ride ended fairly safely (for this group) after some good hard work by several riders. After the ride, I made my way down to the local depaneur and then to the river to enjoy a few "recovery beverages" and a baguette with cheese with several other riders from different teams.
On the food side of things, I have successfully started making my own yogurt again, and am now back to working on the baking my own bread project. I am currently working on finding a good simple, and healthy recipe. On a separate note, if any of you out there know of how to make the little Euro pastries you get in a race musette in Europe, or what you call them, please let me know. I am so terribly sick of Power Bars and the like, I would kill for a good recipe for something like that. All for now, next up my first tt on the new tt bike. Wait for news on whether Sandy no longer hates tts! Maybe even enjoys them....
Wait thats a scary thought. But hopefully I at least don't suck. More on that after the tt.

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