Thursday, May 10, 2007

why I dislike time trialing

So, tts still hurt. Even riding on a fine new Steven's tt stead, they suck. But apparently I need to at least become proficient at them to be a cyclist, or at very least make some time cuts. So setting out today, I became very aware that I must learn to suffer on my own better. I have been working on my bridging skills, and must now work to somehow translate that into solo riding out and back towards some random line across the road. Fun. On the plus side, my bike is sweet, and although I know I could have put out more power, it should just be a matter of riding the bike more and actually riding tts. Seems simple enough, the only problem inlying in the fact that I feel like a bloody tri-geek riding the bike. So the moral is, ask me to go for a run after my ride, and I'll punch you in the baby-maker. On the other hand, the Sens are making a valiant stab for the cup this year, another win, 1-0 for us vs. the Sabres. Rock on. Not really enough time so far to work on this make bread project, hopefully after the hammer fest of a Sunday ride planned. Recovery week coming to an end now, and time for that final build towards Belgium. Kinda scary actually, only like a month to go before my European oddessy. Shit. Time to get down to some seriously hard work. I'm off to hit the sack, time for another early morning ride. Did you know that there is sun at 6:30 in the morning, neither did I until this year. More on that later... Ciao

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